Urbex – Château de Mesen

Abandoned castle somewhere in Belgium. This castle must have been truly a beauty in its time, but it’s actually in a really bad condition. In fact it’s in such an advanced state of decay that the upper floors are not accessible. This is the reason why, I haven’t done much picture of this place…

The older parts of this castle dates back from the 17th century. It has known different uses through its history: it’s been a residential place first, then become an industrial place in the end of the 18th century,  during the 19th century it became a boarding school for girls, and finally it became property of the Belgian army during the 20th century, and this is where the problems begins for this castle. The army left the castle unoccupied and abandoned and it slowly decayed. The price to maintain or renovate the place were so high that nothing has been done to preserve it. Now that it’s been abandoned for almost 50 years, most of the floors have collapsed as well as the roofs, making it a very dangerous place to explore. I climbed the stairs to the first floor, but didn’t pushed my exploration further as I don’t really want to die yet. What a shame to let this beautiful castle rot !

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