Urbex – Chapelle de la Rose

Abandoned chapel somewhere in Belgium. This lovely chapel was part of a very old hospice built next to it. From what I know, the chapel has been built in 1624 but I don’t know when it’s been left abandoned. I had to get there very early in the morning because of the neighbourhood and though it’s not big, I had a great time exploring this place.

The access to the chapel being a little bit difficult, I was quite sure I was going to be alone to enjoy it. Was I wrong ! Not long after I entered the chapel, I heard the noise of someone coming in through the access I had taken. I thought to myself that I had probably been spotted and that I was going to get caught. But it was just another photographer. I was very disappointed and a little bit angry, I have to admit it, not to be able to explore this place alone, but also because I know that the more people there are in the same place, the most likely you’ve got to get caught. And in this little chapel, there was little place for more than one photographer at a time. Anyway, we managed not to appear on each other’s pictures. Back to the chapel, the place is in a not so bad condition, even if it seriously needs some renovations, but at least, there are no traces of vandalism thanks to its retired situation and its difficult access I guess… I’ve heard that it will be soon be rehabilitated and turned into a library, good news for such a lovely place !