Urbex – Villa Heil

Abandoned house somewhere in Belgium. This villa is located in a big garden which seems to be still maintained. From the outside, the villa looks like it’s in a good condition, but when you’re in, you can see the humidity slowly rotting the house. Looking at the damage and the mushrooms on the walls, I’m afraid the house is condemned…

I haven’t found anything concerning the story of this house. I can only guess that the owner probably had a lot of money, by judging at the house itself, and that he probably liked to go hunting, as I found rifle shells in the attic. There were also a lot of stuffed birds here and there, which gave the house a creepy atmosphere. As I already mentionned, it is in an advanced state of decay, with mushrooms growing on the walls. There were still a ot of things here and there, but I’ve seen better places to explore

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