Urbex – Usine S

Abandoned wool factory somewhere in Belgium. This was an exploration that I enjoyed a lot. This factory is probably quite old, and the architecture of the place is very nice, as are old factories. The place is quite well preserved, the decay being only due to the passage of time…

It was a very interesting place to explore, almost intact as I haven’t seen any traces of vandalism during my visit. All the machines were still in place, slowly rusting, and they looked very old as some of them were still steam machines. Judging by its size, the factory must have employed a lot of workers. Wandering there, one can’t help but think about the 19th century. All these old machines, the amazing spiral staircase, everything has the taste of the past times. As usual, I don’t know when this factory closed its doors neither the reason why, though I can imagine the classical story of a business that’s not competitive enough in a newly globalized world. Now, let’s hope that someone saves the machines and this wonderful witness of another time before it collapses on itself. It was probably one of the most beautiful factory that I’ve had the chance to explore, and probably one of the oldest too !

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