Urbex – Moulin B

Abandoned mill somewhere in Belgium. I found this old watermill with a friend of mine while driving through a little village. We came back a few days later to explore it and, though we didn’t know what we would find inside, we had very high expectations about it, and we haven’t been disappointed !

I have no ideas when this mill has been built, though it looks quite old, neither why it’s been abandoned. There was a little grocery store next it, which is also abandoned. The store was a real mess and totally uninteresting, but when we entered the mill, we had the very pleasant surprise to find that it was totally preserved. No traces of vandalism, no thieves have entered this place, only spiders have patiently weaved their webs. We had a great time doing this exploration and we’ve been very lucky with the light too ! I really wish I’d find more decaying places in a so good condition