Urbex – Moulin A

Abandoned mill somewhere in Belgium. This mill has been built in the first quarter of the 20th century and seems to have been left abandoned for some years already. It is a huge building. A big part of the building is empty, probably the part where the flour was stored. But there were still a lot of things to see !

I don’t know when and who’s the last person who entered this building, but it seems to have been left untouched for many years. It’s incredibly well preserved and there were lots of machines to see as well as a lot of pipes running everywhere from floor to floor. I really enjoyed this exploration, particularly because of the really good conition of it and of all the things that were left to see. I couldn’t help myself but think about the noise all those machines had to make while working. No traces of vandalism here, only dust and spiders web everywhere.I consider myself lucky to get the opportunity to see such a place, it is becoming rarer to find such places in urban exploration. Most places are quickly looted and pillaged, and you have to be very fast or lucky if you want to see untouched places…

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