Urbex -Lavoir Carbonisage D.

Abandoned wool factory somewhere in Belgium. This factory was used to wash the wool and prepare it through a carbonisation process. I don’t know much about this place. I think it must have been built in the beginning of the 20th century.It’s been abandoned about 25 years ago, and there are plans to renovate it into lofts, well at least back in 2009. Five years later, the renovation doesn’t seem to have gone far…

Despite the fact that it is empty, this place is very photogenic. The place is composed of an industrial hall and offices. In the offices, one can still find a lot of papers lying everywhere about the activity of the factory. One of the most interesting thing, is that there’s still an old carding machine that’s absolutely beautiful with lots of wheels. One could easily imagine a time travel machine ! I wasn’t expecting much of this place when I went there, but I left it with the feeling that it was eventually a nice little exploration !

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