Urbex – Bride’s mansion

Abandoned house somewhere in Belgium. It’s already been some time when I went exploring this big house, but for some reasons I hadn’t posted it yet. So what’s it about ? Well, it’s a very big house, probably an old farm, with a lot of furniture in it. Everything seems untouched and that’s what make it quite special !

I don’t get often the opportunity to explore such a place, I’d almost say it’s the first time since I’m doing urbex. Everything’s there: the tables, the chairs, the televisions, and even the bride’s dress hanging on a closet, hence the name of the place. A lot of abandoned places gets vandalised before I get there, and I really enjoyed the fact that it was not the case here. I wanted to get back there a second time, unfortunately, the place has been closed and is inaccessible as far as I know. This is the result of all the “hype” around urbex these times. A lot of people find it interesting and are going on exploration, and I can say a lot of them are absolutely stupid, like the ones that I met there, and this is because of these kind of persons that a lot of abandoned places gets quickly closed, watched or are vandalised. But well that’s another story…

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