Urbex - Schola CLXXV

Urbex – Schola CLXXV

Abandoned monastery somewhere in Belgium. This monastery has not been abandoned for long is incredibly preserved. There’s also a school attached to it. From what I’ve heard, the monastery will be rehabilited, though I don’t know what are the plans for it, but the school will be demolished. The chapel of the monastery is absolutely stunning and was well worth the visit !

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Urbex - Hospice des vieillards

Urbex – Hospice des vieillards

Abandoned hospice somewhere in Belgium. This old people home was build in the middle of the 19th century and is part of an hospital. It is no longer in use and most of it has already been demolished. All that is left of it is a few offices, a few patient rooms and the old chapel. There are plans in the future to build new buildings for the actual hospital, so it will be demolished soon. All in all, it was a very nice exploration.

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