Gallery update: EBTN

Abandoned military airfield in somewhere in Belgium. A few months ago, I went back to this abandoned airfield for a second visit as the first one had been quite short, and I just noticed that I hadn’t updated the gallery yet with the new pictures. Now it’s done !

I really wanted to get back there as I was feeling quite frustrated to be forced to shortened my visit there and not being able to see all the buildings, especially the abandoned control tower. I’ve explored almost all the buildings there, which are in very advanced state of decay. It seems that the army is still using the place but for training troops, as I found bullets on the ground in almost every building. Apart from the barracks, there was also sport hall where soldiers could play basket. I’m glad I’ve seen the rest of this place, but I’m still a little bit frustrated as I haven’t been able to enter the control tower. I’ve been just next to it, but when I’ve been about to enter it, I heard a sound buzzing, a little hint that told me that electricity was still on. I wondered why electricity would still be on in this abandoned building, and I thought it could be because of an alarm, but also may be not. Anyway, I decided not to explore it, with a lot of regret, because I was still on military domain, and I didn’t really wanted to have to mess with MP’s…

The full updated gallery of EBTN can be seen on the EBTN gallery page on the blog.

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