Gallery update: Charbonnage du Hasard

I went back to this famous urbex place, the Charbonnage du Hasard, to show the place to a friend of mine. I couldn’t resist to take pictures once again of this wonderful abandoned coal mine. It was probably the last time that I get since there are (finally) plans to renovate the place. From what I’ve been told, they’ll make lofts in the building of the mine. Not sure if that’s a good idea, though…

I don’t know what parts of the site will be renovated and which one will be demolished, because I guess they’ll demolish some part of it. I’ve seen some panels on the site of the SPI, the society in charge of the renovation. It seems the renovation will start mid 2015.

You can see  updated gallery of this abandoned coal mine can be seen here: Charbonnage du Hasard.

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